Weekly digest: AMR as the new climate change, antibiotics deemed unnecessary for sinusitis, and fluoroquinolones in feather meal

6 Apr 2012
Andrea Titus

A round-up of news on drug resistance and other topics in global health.

Schoolchildren in Canada are learning about antimicrobial resistance as “the new climate change.”

U.S. lawmakers add incentives for new antibiotic development to a draft of the FDA User Fee Reauthorization bill, considered a “must-pass” piece of legislation (free subscription required).

Could disabling, rather than killing, bacteria help keep antibiotic resistance at bay? A study in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology unlocks a new potential for antibiotic therapies.

Ambulances are the latest to be scrutinized as hotspots for antibiotic-resistant Staph. aureus.  The study appears in the American Journal of Infection Control.

New advances in diagnostic tools focus in on RNA.

Ramanan Laxminarayan and David Heymann discuss the challenges of drug resistance in the developing world in a BMJ analysis.

A report in Pediatrics looks at healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in neonatal ICUs.

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that patients taking fluoroquinolone antibiotics are at a higher risk for retinal detachment.

A coalition of medical specialty groups comes up with a list of 45 unnecessary procedures, and one is the common practice of prescribing antibiotics to treat sinus infections.

Is antibiotic treatment an alternative to an appendectomy for some patients?

FDA is considering approving the powerful antibiotic Levaquin as treatment for pneumonic plague.

In malaria news, an article in the Lancet identifies increasing resistance to ACTs on the western border of Thailand.

Research published in Environmental Science & Technology finds traces of banned fluoroquinolone antibiotics in “feather meal,” a byproduct of poultry feathers that is commonly added to animal feed.

A study in two hospitals in Ujjain, India finds a high prevalence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing pathogens.

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