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22 Apr 2014
CDDEP's Drug Resistance Index (DRI), which aggregates bacterial resistance to various drugs, was featured in this month's issue of Managed Care. 
18 Nov 2013
A new report published November 17 in The Lancet Infectious Diseases comprehensively examines the global threat of antibiotic resistance and argues that high-level, coordinated international action is necessary combat this urgent danger. The report comes in time with European Antibiotic Awareness Day and the U.S.
1 Nov 2013
New research carried out in part by CDDEP Director Ramanan Laxminarayan shows the hidden dangers of free-antibiotics programs. According to the study, published online last week in the journal Health Economics, antibiotic prescriptions in areas with free-antibiotics programs are 5% higher. Higher prescribing rates could contribute to the overconsumption of and increased resistance to antimicrobials.