News & Blog - antibiotic use

1 Nov 2013
[Update 01/10/2014: The third and last part of the surveys is now online. Please click here to access and fill the survey and scroll below to find links to parts 1 and 2.]
30 Oct 2013
As flu season sets in, patients are likely to seek out antibiotic prescriptions from their doctors – despite the fact that these treatments are ineffective for viral infections. With free or heavily discounted antibiotics available from supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide, many people feel they have nothing to lose by asking for a prescription. But while the medication might be free, unnecessary antibiotic use comes at a cost.
25 Oct 2013
A new PBS Frontline documentary “Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria” brings to light the reach and magnitude of antibiotic resistance. Through first-hand accounts tracking personal brushes with so-called “superbugs” – bacteria resistant to most known forms of antimicrobial treatment – the documentary shows how the problem has catapulted the international medical community into crisis.
22 Oct 2013
In honor of International Infection Prevention Week, CDDEP is partnering with the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) to spread awareness about what can be done to combat healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).