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18 Nov 2013
CDDEP is joining the CDC in promoting the proper use of antibiotics as part of its Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work campaign. Since 2008, Get Smart About Antibiotics Week has been an annual effort by the CDC to increase awareness about the proper use of antibiotics. This year, organizations around the world are taking part in spreading the message:
18 Nov 2013
A new report published November 17 in The Lancet Infectious Diseases comprehensively examines the global threat of antibiotic resistance and argues that high-level, coordinated international action is necessary combat this urgent danger. The report comes in time with European Antibiotic Awareness Day and the U.S.
15 Nov 2013
An article in Nature reviews the history and current challenges of chemoprevention programs for malaria. The article mentions CDDEP director Ramanan Laxminarayan’s view that imperfect implementation of these programs could lead to increased drug resistance and more dangerous parasites. [Nature]
8 Nov 2013
A roundup of news on drug resistance and other topics in global health. - See more at: roundup of news on drug resistance and other topics in global health.
1 Nov 2013
New research carried out in part by CDDEP Director Ramanan Laxminarayan shows the hidden dangers of free-antibiotics programs. According to the study, published online last week in the journal Health Economics, antibiotic prescriptions in areas with free-antibiotics programs are 5% higher. Higher prescribing rates could contribute to the overconsumption of and increased resistance to antimicrobials.